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Newton second law - Newton's Second Law Victor Liou...

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Newton’s Second Law Victor Liou Partner: Brian Kelly Newton’s Second Law Abstract: In this four party experiment, I tested various systems to test the law of = . F ma These systems ranged from finding acceleration related to the slope of velocity, finding average acceleration at a given angle and comparing it to acceleration due to gravity, verifying acceleration due to gravity, and relating force and acceleration to mass. After collecting data and analyzing slopes of lines, I show that acceleration is the derivative of velocity since the slope of the best fit line in part one, -0.5008, was very close to the acceleration, -0.497 ms . In part two, I show that * = . g sinθ a In part three I find that acceleration due to gravity is -9.81 ms2 with my best fit line with slope of -9.62. Finally, in part four, I show that / = F a m by showing the slope of my line to be 0.190 in comparison with the actual mass of the aircar with mass 0.192 kg. With all this conclusive data that related to = , F ma I was able to verify this physical law. Theory: Newton’s second law states that = F ma . Through the examinations of different situations, we will be able to determine if this law is valid. No experiment can actually prove this law since the law is so general. The airtrack will seek to provide the ideal frictionless plane where experiments can be performed and these results will be used to verify theoretical results. In our frictionless system, acceleration can be determined through Newton’s Law which states that = + = , F N mg ma where N represents the normal force, m represents the mass, and a represents acceleration. When broken down further into specific x and y components, total force can be viewed as: In our system, the aircar cannot accelerate in the y direction due to the normal force of the air pushing against it. Therefore, the acceleration of the aircar is only in the
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Newton second law - Newton's Second Law Victor Liou...

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