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1 Chapter 2 D ESIGN OF T WO- W AY S LABS CSA A23.3-04 defines three categories of two-way slabs as follows: CSA A23.3-04, Appendix B Supports are: Walls Stiff supporting beams A1 Flat plates and slabs B Two-way slabs with stiff supports on four sides A2 Two-way slabs with beams
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2 D ESIGN OF C ATEGORIES A1 AND A2 T WO-WAY S LABS General: 1. Design Procedures for Flexure 13.5.1 Any procedures satisfying equilibrium and compatibility 13.5.4 Gravity load analysis combined with lateral load results Four selected methods are: 13.6 Elastic plate theory 13.7 Theorems of plasticity 13.8 Slab systems as elastic frames 13.9 Direct design method (default or normal method): Gravity loads only Regular system with certain limitations
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