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Paper #1 Contemporary US Literature Dinerstein - 4/1/08 ENLS 441 Paper #2: Joining the Literary Conversation of White Noise "To consume in America is not to buy, but to dream; it is to dream," Don Delillo once said in an interview. What are the dreams -- and values -- of the characters in White Noise ? What kind of society have the Gladneys bought (into)? In a five-to-six page paper (about 1400 words), choose one of the short essays on Delillo to begin a literary analysis focused on any major theme in White Noise. Themes include consumerism, materialism, technology, indeterminacy, subjective truth, and the mass media. Literary analysis might focus on: (a) Delillo's deployment of J.A.K. Gladney as an unreliable narrator; (b) the consumer society's sacred sites and formulas (the mall, the supermarket, the automobile); (c) technology and its discontents; (d) the authority of science; (e) the role of simulacra. Or, simply, consider one of these questions: (f) what is American identity based on in the town of Blacksmith? (g) What dangers does Delillo
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