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Reader Notes 3-4 - Reader Notes 03-05-08 "Women and...

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Reader Notes 03-05-08 “Women and Children Last: The Discursive Construction of Weblogs” by: Susan C. Herring, Inna Kouper, Lois Ann Scheidt, and Elijah L. Wright This article was a fairly interesting one that detailed an experiment performed by these authors at Indiana University. Their main point of the article and goal of the experiment was to prove that, although Web logs have been becoming increasingly popular and are thought of as “democratizing” the Internet process, they are authored by a majority of adult white males. This would in fact mean the opposite is true and that because of this web logs are another means of the hegemonic patriarchic discourse evident in society. They state their hypothesis here, “We propose that the apparent gender and age bias in contemporary discourses about weblogs arises in part as a result of focus on a particular blog type, the so-called “filter” blog, which is produced mostly by adult males. We argue that by privileging filter blogs and thereby implicitly evaluating the activities of adult males as more interesting, important and/or newsworthy than those of other blog authors, public discourses about weblogs marginalize the activities of women and teen bloggers, thereby indirectly reproducing societal sexism and ageism, and misrepresenting the fundamental nature of the weblog phenomenon. We conclude by advocating a broader characterization of weblogs that takes into account the activities of a majority of blog authors, and more
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Reader Notes 3-4 - Reader Notes 03-05-08 "Women and...

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