438 FINAL - IOE 438 Safety Management *The readings &...

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IOE 438 – Safety Management *The exam is cumulative, but will focus mostly on topics covered after the midterm *Format: Open Book/Note, 80min, ~30 questions As with the midterm, here are my general suggestions: 1) Complete the required readings 2) Fill out the review sheet 3) Print off the lecture slides Feb. 2 Premise Safety/Fall Prevention and MID-TERM EXAMINATION Reading/Reference Material Grieser, B.C, Rhoades, T.P., and Shah, R.J. (2002). Slip Resistance: Field measurements using two modern slipmeters. Professional Safety. Volume 47, Number 6, pp. 43-48. Feb. 3 Safety through design; US Chemical Safety Board Film – “ Public Worker Safety: Wastewater Plant Explosion. Daytona Beach Florida” ; Product and Facility Hazard Communication Reading / Reference Material Manuele, F. (1999). Safety Through Design . Chapter 2: Concepts, Principles, and Methods for Safety Through Design. Frantz, J.P., Rhoades, T.P. and Lehto, M.R. (1999). Practical
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438 FINAL - IOE 438 Safety Management *The readings &...

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