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2009 Final Study Questions -...

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Study Questions for Readings Regarding Safety Management Techniques Note: This is not an all-inclusive study guide. It is important to study the lectures particularly in regard to the examples that were discussed in class. Grieser et al (2002) Slips and fall injuries are common, so trying the preventing these injuries is good idea. What factors influence whether a slip will occur? How much slip resistance is needed to walk? What is the consensus value normally used for defining adequate slip resistance? How can floor friction be increased? Manuelle (1999) Briefly describe the concept of safety through design? Describe problems between facility designers and plant operation (safety) personnel that need to be addressed to achieve safety through design. Frantz et al (1999) - Product Hazard Communication Understanding the nature of product hazards is important when a product manufacturer is trying to figure out what to say to users and how to say it. What forms of hazard analysis are
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2009 Final Study Questions -...

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