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Midterm_Review_W09-1 - Sampling of Noteworthy Topics and...

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Sampling of Noteworthy Topics and Questions from the Readings Warning: This is not meant as an all inclusive study guide. It does not address many of the important topics and examples that were presented in lecture. ISO Reading How does ISO describe the risk reduction process? How does ISO define the following? Tolerable Risk: Residual risk: Safety: Reasonably Foreseeable Misuse: Thygerson, Chapter 1 According to Thygerson, how does the amount of money on research in the safety field compare to the amount of money spent on other public health problems? What is the National Safety Council Definition of “Accident”? According to Thygerson, what are the two major attributes of accidents? List the 3 characteristics of an accident as defined by Edward Suchman. What is Lowrance’s definition of safety? What is acceptable risk? Does acceptable risk ever change?
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Can safety be measured quantitatively according to Lowrance? List 4 fallacious accident beliefs. Thygerson, Chapter 2 List 5 social costs of accidents. List 5 economic costs of accidents. What are 2 general characteristics of accident victims? Why do accidents have a higher cost than other causes of death in terms of “life years lost”? Thygerson, Chapter 3 Name 3 accident statistic collection systems. How does the National Health Survey work? Does this yield a record or count of all accidents that occur in a given year? What are 2 main reasons why we need to collect and study accident data?
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Midterm_Review_W09-1 - Sampling of Noteworthy Topics and...

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