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Emergency Evacuation for Persons on Campus with Disabilities Although employers are not required to have emergency evacuation plans under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if employers covered by the ADA opt to have such plans they are required to include people with disabilities . As a public educational institution, the University of Michigan addresses faculty, staff, students and visitors in our evacuation plans for persons with disabilities. Emergency evacuation plans must address the evacuation of persons with disabilities. The following information should facilitate either the completion of a separate section of your plan, or the incorporation of these issues into your plan. If you have questions regarding any of the guidance provided, or have questions regarding other options, please contact the UM resources listed at the end of this section. The following should provide sufficient information so that building facility managers can address the following essential items in their evacuation plans: 1. Method for self identification for persons with disabilities who need assistance during evacuation. 2. Description of the information that is retained regarding persons who self- identify. 3. Availability of the building facility manager to identify and provide information on specific egress routes for persons with disabilities. 4. Availability and location of Areas of Refuge or Locations for Rescue Assistance, if applicable. 5. Emergency phone numbers for UM phones and cell phone communication. 6. Direction regarding whether accessibility lift systems or Limited Use Limited Application Systems (LULAS) have been approved for use by persons with disabilities during an emergency evacuation, if applicable. 7. Responsibilities of floor marshals, supervisors and building facility managers regarding persons with disabilities during an emergency evacuation. 8. Responsibilities of persons with disabilities during an emergency evacuation. 9. Availability of the emergency evacuation plan in alternative format upon request. In addition, guidance is provided in how to address the requests of persons with disabilities regarding the purchase and use of evacuation equipment (item B3 ) and requests to be carried out during an emergency evacuation (item B4 ). A. Self-Identification The best way to identify emergency evacuation needs for persons with disabilities is to ask individuals whether they may need assistance with their safe evacuation in case of an emergency. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has 10/5/2009 1
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Emergency Evacuation for Persons on Campus with Disabilities issued guidance regarding what information employers are allowed to gather when developing an emergency evacuation plan. According to the EEOC: An employer may periodically ask all of its current employees if they will require assistance in an emergency. The employer must be clear that self- identification is voluntary and the purpose for the request is to provide
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Evacuation_Persons_with_DisabilitiesFUN - Emergency...

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