IOE 481 questions - Background on LUM inventory Hospital...

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Michael Mark Michael Priesand Vincent Zhang IOE 481 1/26/08 Prepared Questions for Client Material Management Questions How much do you purchase per order, for each product? Is each order the same, for each product? Is demand relatively predictable? How many inventory turns are there per year? Does one order of product cover an inventory turn? What types of products are we responsible for? How are the different products organized in the warehouse? How often do material handlers stock hospital? How long does it take? How do you update your inventory?  Is there an inventory tracking system? What is the order cycle time from order to delivery? How are orders gathered?  How are orders sent out? How many material handlers are there?  Does each department provide an order sheet to be compiled? Background on the JIT inventory? 
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Unformatted text preview: Background on LUM inventory? Hospital Inventory Management Questions How much time is wasted on nurses walking around locating materials? What is the relative cost of nurses vs. material handlers doing material handling? What are the most frequently used products in the hospital? What is the time span of the implementation process? How many local “supermarkets” will be provided? What is the budget for implementation? Is there an inventory tracking system for nurses? Is there an inventory check out for nurses to decrement inventory in supermarket? What is the re-order point? How urgent is the arrival of the new product? How much safety stock is there? Always perform to a specific service level? How many nurses are available per shift in each of the departments we are analyzing?...
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IOE 481 questions - Background on LUM inventory Hospital...

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