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Assignment #2 - Jamie Hughes July 8, 2008 Assignment #2 1)...

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Jamie Hughes   July 8, 2008 Assignment #2 1) The instruments that play during the segment from 5:01 to 5:49 were mainly the strings and the woodwinds. At the beginning of this segment, the string section plays two repeating phrases that are be imitated, or repeated, by the woodwind section as if they were battling. Then gradually, the dynamics of the section crescendo from probably mezzo forte to forte as the string section plays faster and faster scales and the woodwinds continue to echo them. Near the end of the section, around the strings take off with quick and energetic flourishing scales up and down the instrument. These are supported by cymbals crashing and the full orchestra with short notes on the offbeat in the background at a loud or forte dynamic. 2) At the beginning of the piece, the meter is duple meter because the two beats are easy to count off aloud and can be easily matched to the notes of the player’s melodies. This was difficult for me to discern however, because the beginning is so slow, somber and contains lots of pauses and breaks between phrases which throws me off while I’m trying to count. However, I’m fairly confident that the meter is duple. You can also see the meter if you look carefully at the conductor’s hands, he is counting it off with his baton. When the main melody is played, around 6:12, the meter changes to quadruple meter and is almost like a walk tempo. 3) A section that has syncopation can be heard around 12:03 when the cymbals crash at unexpected intervals while the violins are playing wild scales. This creates a feeling of haste and chaos within the listener. The cymbals’ unexpected crashes makes the listener feel almost like something unexpected is going to happen and that they should be wary and on edge. 4)
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Assignment #2 - Jamie Hughes July 8, 2008 Assignment #2 1)...

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