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BEE article analysis - Vincent Likewise 2-18-09 BEE 322...

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Vincent Likewise 2-18-09 BEE 322 Overview The first article about exergy analysis explains what it is and also talks about emergy. It explains how these concepts can be used in analysis of ecosystems and nature. Exergy analysis is a thermodynamic approach used for analyzing and improving the efficiency of chemical and thermal processes. It has also been extended for life cycle assessment and sustainability evaluation of industrial products and processes. This paper expands the engineering concept of Cumulative Exergy Consumption (CEC) analysis to include the contribution of ecosystems, which leads to the concept of Ecological Cumulative Exergy Consumption (ECEC). . ECEC is shown to be closely related to emergy, and both concepts become equivalent if the analysis boundary, allocation method, and approach for combining global energy inputs are identical. This insight permits combination of the best features of emergy and exergy analysis, and shows that most of the controversial aspects of emergy analysis need not hinder its use for including the exergetic contribution of ecosystems. Cumulative Exergy Consumption (CEC) analysis considers all natural resources to be equivalent by ignoring ecological goods and services required for the processes being analyzed. Techniques from environmental economics attempt to assign a monetary value to ecological inputs. Methods based on physical principles rely on material and energy flow to account for ecological inputs. Material Flow Analysis (MFA) accounts for the flow of materials from the ecosystem to the economy, but ignores the inputs of ecological services. Energy Flow Analysis and its variations are promising because of their ability to objectively value all
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BEE article analysis - Vincent Likewise 2-18-09 BEE 322...

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