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Vincent Likewise CSS 335 10-23-08 Assignment #2 The Willamette River is Oregon’s main river and is used recreationally. The problem with this is that it has a lot of pollution and the water quality of the river needs to be fixed. Around Corvallis four main sources of pollution are general pollution from the people of Corvallis, Discharge from the Evanite Fiber Corporation, sewer overflow, and agricultural runoff. The Evanite Corporation probably introduces a lot of chemicals and fibers. The sewer overflow will contaminate the river with human waste and the agricultural runoff will bring in a lot of pesticides. This is an example of nonpoint source pollution. Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that results from land use activities. Other than agricultural runoff there are two other nonpoint source pollution activities that contaminate the river. Those are forestry and urban use of the land. For example, there are many heavy metals, pesticides, oils, and untreated wastes that can flow over ground and make their way into the river. All of these contaminants then flow down the river to Junction City and Eugene/Springfield where they must be removed since the Willamette
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