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Issues and Considerations

Issues and Considerations - Many of our projects also could...

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Issues and Considerations Having an experienced staff at AWPC we understand that there are many issues that need to be covered before we can implement our project. That is why we are pleased to announce that our project is almost 100% natural. Other than the gutters installed on the school and chlorine added after the BioSand filter every step of the process uses the natural surroundings. The chlorine is only added in small amounts which are just large enough to clean the water of the storage tank. The gutters capture the rainfall, which then travels through pipes and into a storage tank which uses a BioSand filter to clean the water. BioSand is a mix of rock sizes that vary from big gravel down to bits of clay. This process will keep both animals and human safe from dangerous diseases and prevent the addition of unnatural chemicals to the environment.
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Unformatted text preview: Many of our projects also could not be completed without the help of volunteers. Volunteers who donate money and aid in the construction of the project are essential parts of AWPC and its doings. Many volunteers will be needed for this project because although AWPC is a well established company it still cannot afford to contract out every project it receives. Above all the volunteers who actually allow our company to help them out are the most important volunteers of all. Without them our company would not exist and we pride ourselves in helping those in need. If they were not willing to allow us to travel to their locations and implement out technology and knowledge we would fail. That is why we not only create a better living environment for people, but also create new friends....
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