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RNG 421 HW 2 - water than the other two types of soil and...

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Vincent Likewise RNG 421 10-14-08 HW #2 1. Lickskillet would have the best rooting depth because although it is partially clay it has bigger grain particles in the soil. Since it is still thick the roots would want to get a bit further into the soil before they spread. Lamonta would be a better choice organic matter and water holding capacity though because it is more loamy than the other two so with its grain size there are lots of voids in the soil that can trap water and nutrients. 2. Lamonta is best suited to hold the antelope bitterbrush because it can hold more
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Unformatted text preview: water than the other two types of soil and also has more organic matter in it so there are more nutrients. The other two soil types have too much clay. 3. The first one to degrade would be Lickskillet because it has fine clay particles but they are not as fine as prag so by having the cattle walk over it the soil would become much more compact. Prag would be the most resilient because it is already so compact and with such fine particles that it would be hard to make it any closer together....
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