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pg3 - 3 Sheet the eutput fer the fellewiug prugrltt'l...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. Sheet the eutput fer the fellewiug prugrltt'l segments [T points each. 13 puints tetalI :1. Per the eerie helm-t, yet: may assume that the input fer the first stn'ug. will he rel-r Inst Emma. and the input fur the seennd string will he Inur first name. Shem: the resulting nutnttt. finelutie {Stringhie Jtlhelude fist-dink? 'tnt meintitrnid} tehnr stt1[Efl]. sttEIED]; Int 1; primt‘f'finter the first suing: "II; gets {strl}: Ste-5‘31??? pn' nftj'finter the seem-d string: '3; _ gets {ME}; 1'3: “'1' ' l ptintfi'his is fired chars lung ", sn‘L sttlen{strl]]; printfl"%sis Fed than: 101131-11" stIZ stdet‘listflilj; SUCH“! {stfl stri}; 3.: 1| 1m: '3'] printfi"Tl1e strings are equel .‘I.n'“}; --___ __ _q__ Ely-'- ifii‘fl} Printft"%s' 1s less thtut‘1 es‘n". str1 strE} my]: ‘rv‘r etse print‘fif"%s Is greeter than Ehs'tn" stri strE} itistrlentstrl} + stflenfstfl] at set 5W; H .H j m E H In H. , f 1 stresnEstrL stri}; p. t t — t; L m It: )1" I pl'iIttfifmir'Es'm "'1 stri}; .l-e' { I. 1 ‘i f “i- “I? } SLeJtEm. t1. eat-CW" ‘Hm-u " nth-L; tram [h [3:1 Stigma “r”! 5t E If trnu cell the fuuetinn helnw fer HTS} shew the nutput? _ _ 1V5 I'mdfflmn] .t—I. '5' : 7' rift-LB :__'_:7 "U 1““le H15 -4?-|Ili} :1" “9 I‘tnIEL' ‘ ” “M :3 1| Futehmt'fl'*n%2}; IL' I I m l t ml we return; : — .. {[L} L—D ...
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