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1 ECE 3140/CS 3420 Computer Organization S i 2009 Spring 2009 Multi-cycle Datapaths Carry Look Ahead Adders ECE3140/CS3420 Announcements Homework 3 has been posted Due TODAY, 10:00pm • Homework 4 Homework 4 – Verilog problems from HW3 & some datapath problems Project 3 has been posted – Due Tue., Mar 24 10:00pm, but don’t delay starting! – If you need a partner, come up to front of room after l d/ t t ECE3140/CS3420 class and/or post to newsgroup Prelim 1 – March 12 @ 7:30pm – Phillips 101 and Phillips 203 Annoucements Regrade requests – HW1 and Project 1 must be submitted to CMS b F id M 6 by Friday, Mar 6 – HW2 grades have been released; regrade requests due Tuesday March 10 – All regrade requests must be made through CMS within one week of the release of the d ECE3140/CS3420 grades. 3 Hennessy and Patterson Past Readings – 1.1-1.9, 2.1 through 2.14 MIPS Calling Convention Document (website) – Notes on Programming in C (website) 3.1 through 3.5 B.1-B.6, B.10, C.1-C.10 Current Readings 4.1 through 4.4 – 4.5 through 4.8 (for Thursday) ECE3140/CS3420 4.9 (Skim) 4
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