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readers notes 20

readers notes 20 - Reader's Notes"The Social Form of...

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Reader’s Notes: “The Social Form of Napster: Cultivating the Paradox of Consumer Emancipation” Marcus Giesler and Mali Pohlmann Thesis: Marketers shape consumers’ tastes and desires by vesting brands with powerfully seductive meanings Social form of emancipation: operationally closed, self-referential and consumption-related social system, which, by social communication, is engaged in a permanent process of ensuring a social distinction between itself and its environment Consumer emancipation of consumption-related yet market-distanced social entities is developed and explored as a process conditioning communication about ideologies, meanings, norms, and values in the social form of emancipation Consumer emancipation is the reassurance of social difference through communication, and the implicit self-paradoxification of centering into the cultural crosshairs of the social form of emancipation those entities it wishes to distance from
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