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CH 15 Study Guide What are psychoactive drugs? Know the different routes of administration and how fast they are relative to each other. What role does the blood-brain barrier play? What characteristics allow some drugs to get into the nervous system? Know mechanisms by which drugs can be agonists or antagonists. What are mixed agonist- antagonists? Know difference between affinity and efficacy. What are some factors that account for why people differ in their reactions to drugs? What is tolerance? What are some physiological mechanisms in tolerance? Does tolerance always occur for all of a drug’s effects? What is drug sensitization? Cross-tolerance? What is addiction? What is physical dependence? What is the withdrawal syndrome? How is withdrawal related to tolerance? What is the relationship between addiction and physical dependence? What is conditioned drug tolerance? Conditioned compensatory responses? Conditioned withdrawal effects? What are the theories concerning the cause of addiction? Know the roles of liking versus wanting
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