1.29 - action on a bill or issue or is it to generate...

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1.26.2009 Political Science 104 Does BCRA correctly distinguish between issue and electioneering ads? ***Goldstein article 1. The Buying Time Project a. Project sponsored by the Brennan Center for Justice and the Wisconsin Advertising  Project b. Evaluate BCRA with historical ads c. Sample of almost all political commercials from 1998-2000 election cycles  d. Students conducted content analysis of each unique ad- about 2000 from 1998 and  3000 from 2000 e. Conclusion 1: i. 22% of 1998 and 17% of 2000 ads are “true” issue ads f. Conclusion 2: i. BCRA’s definition produces a valid classification or is not  “overly broad” g. Subjective Analysis Question i. In your opinion, is the purpose of the ad to provide information about or urge 
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Unformatted text preview: action on a bill or issue, or is it to generate support or opposition for a particular candidate? 1. Generate support or opposition for candidate 2. Provide information or urge action 3. Unsure/unclear ii. BCRAs Error Rate BCRA Electioneering Issue Advocacy Electioneering Correct Error Issue advocacy error Correct iii. Error rate: 1. 1998- 7% 2. 2000- 1% 2. Does BCRA regulate true issue ads? a. Intercoder reliability i. Degrees of consensus achieved about how many message will be categorized by multiple coders looking the same unit of operation ii. Three students coded a sub-sample of 250 ads, and only disagreed on one 3. L2/R2...
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1.29 - action on a bill or issue or is it to generate...

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