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CH 13 Study Guide bio

CH 13 Study Guide bio - CH 13 Study Guide What is gender...

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CH 13 Study Guide What is gender? What is sex? What are some of the different dimensions of sex? Are males and females more similar to or different from each other? What are the sex chromosomes? What are gonads and what do they do? What are steroid hormones? How do they exert their effects? Know the sex steroids and what they do? What hormones do the ovaries release? What hormones do the testes release? What is released by the adrenal glands? What is the endocrine system? Know the general structure of the endocrine system (hypothalamus, releasing hormones and release-inhibiting hormones, anterior pituitary, tropic hormones, glands) and how it is regulated by feedback loops. What is gonadotropin-releasing hormone? What is gonadotrophin? When do embryos start to differentiate sexually? What is the primary determinant of sex? Know the developmental pathways for each sex (what determines which set of ducts develop, the role of testosterone and estrogen).
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