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Chem 8B, winter 2008 Name: ____ KEY-corrected _______ Quiz #5A (Last, First) ( print clearly) TA or section: _________________________ • DO NOT start the quiz until you are instructed. • You must stop writing and turn in your quiz when time is called. • Ambiguous or incomplete answers will not get full credit. • Please give clear and concise answers – a single sentence or phrase should be sufficient to accurately convey the information required. “Brevity is the soul of wit” – Shakespeare Problem # Score 1. [12] ________ 2. [12] ________ 3. [12] ________ 4. [4] ________ Total [40] ________/40 Bonus [5] _________
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Chem 8B, quiz 5A 1. Multiple choice and true (T) or false (F) based on lab and lecture materials (2 pts each): __ F __ Sucrose is a disaccharide composed of two glucose monomers. __ F __ In Benedict s test, the aldehyde of an open-chain sugar is reduced to an alcohol by a cupric ion [blue Cu(II)]. __ F __ A tertiary amine has a higher boiling point than a primary amine. __ T __ KMnO 4 and Benedict s reagent (cupric ion) are both examples of reactions that can give color changes. __ T __ Hydrolysis of amylose (starch) with aqueous HCl yields glucose. Which of the following amine compounds is NOT aromatic? (circle your answer) N H H 2 N N N H N N H CH 3 H 3 C A B C D E 2. a) (6 pts) Draw curved arrows representing the electron motion for the reaction between the following two molecules and provide the structure of the product in the box provided. H
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8B_quiz5a-key-corrected - Chem 8B winter 2008 Quiz#5A...

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