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Reader's Notes - Flash Mobs - "Flash! Mobs in the Age of...

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“Flash! Mobs in the Age of Mobile Connectivity” Nicholson Reader’s Notes Thesis : The conjuncture of mobile texting, targeted mobbing and public performing – and the popularization of flash mobbing in urban public spaces at this juncture in history – made the trend of flash mobbing a significant moment in the history of mobile communication. Flash mobbing was described as ‘self organized entertainment,’ hailed as ‘a startling intervention in the life of the city’ Backlash against the trend located it in the ‘prank tradition of phone-booth stuffing, streaking, flagpole sitting and goldfish swallowing’ Announcements for early flash mobbings were circulated like chain letters via email and text messages. Though the popularity of flash mobbing was short-lived and its style was deliberately ephemeral, its popularization was well documented by blogs and mainstream media primarily because of the use of mobile communication technologies. Several new blogs were created to share information about impending and
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Reader's Notes - Flash Mobs - "Flash! Mobs in the Age of...

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