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Spring 2008 ANTHROPOLOGY OF GENDER Adeline Masquelier ANTH 333/733 Essay Topics #3: Due date April 29 Your essay should be five to seven double spaces pages (using font 11 or 12) with reasonable margins. Your citations should be referenced as follows (Hodgson 2001: 12) or (Hodgson 2001). Your essay should be followed by a bibliography. Don’t forget the title. Topic 1 : How does the gendered identity of the ethnographer mediate the nature of his/her fieldwork, the relations s/he builds with informants, and the way that s/he writes an ethnography of gendered identities? Use at least two monographs ( Wombs and Alien Spirits , In Search of Respect , The Heart is Unknown Country , Travestis ) to illustrate your argument. What are the particular problems and dilemmas faced by anthropologists in writing about gender, gendered identities, and gendered practices?
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Unformatted text preview: Topic 2 : Discuss 2 films from the film festival Cinema in the Muslim World through the lens of gender and generation. How are relations between men and women portrayed? How do youth relate to the older generation? How does gender help define (or even sharpen) Muslim identities? Topic 3 : How do race and class intersect and complicate gendered identities in Bourgois’s In Search of Respect and Rebhun’s The Heart is Unknown Country ? Can we isolate gender as a dimension of individual and social experience when analyzing the identities of El Barrio and Caruacu residents? Why is it that in their account of courtship, cohabitation, and infidelity, both anthropologists highlight the tension (and at times, violence) that characterizes relations between men and women? Provide detailed examples to illustrate your argument....
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