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March 4, 2008 Page 63, 5-12 5. How can you keep other users from using write to communicate with you? Why would you want to? - mesg n - If you do not want to receive messages. 6. What happens if you give the following commands when the file called done already exists? $ cp to_do done $ mv to_do done - The cp command makes a copy of the file and the mv command renames the file without duplicating it. So, the following commands will cause the done file that already exists to be overwritten. 7. What command will send the files chapter1 , chapter2 , and chapter3 to the printer? - lpr chapter1 chapter2 chapter3 8. How can you find the phone number for Ace Electronics in a file called phone that contains a list of names and phone numbers? What command can you use to display the entire
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