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Midterm CHE 36 Name:________________________ Closed book and notes Friday, February 16, 2007 1- (20 points) You are running A → B + C in a liquid phase, constant density CSTR. You have postulated that the rate is r A = -kC A α . At a particular space time you have found that the exit concentration of A is ½ that of the inlet concentration. When you double the space time, at the same inlet concentration, you find that the exit concentration of A drops to ¼ of the inlet value. Calculate the numerical value for α . 2- (45 points) The gas phase reaction A → 6B is going to be used to inflate a balloon. The reaction is second order with a rate expression r A = -k C A 2 . We will consider the balloon to be a variable volume batch reactor at constant pressure with an initial volume of 50 cm 3 of pure A. How long will it take the volume to reach 250 cm 3 if kC A0 is equal to 32 min -1 ? In finding this time, also complete the following. a)
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