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Math 3301 Homework Set 3 10 Points For these problems you MUST set up and solve the appropriate IVP(s) in order to receive any credit for the problem. Any decimals must be to at least the 4 th decimal place. Modeling, Part II 1. A population of rabbits in a field grows at a rate proportional to its population. There are originally 50 rabbits in the field and in the absence of any outside factors the population will triple in 3 months time (assume 4 weeks/month). Each week there is a net migration of 7 rabbits into the field and predators eat 9 fish. Will the rabbits survive and take over the world? If not when do they die out? 2. A 75 kg person jumps out of an air plane that is 800 meters in the air with an initial velocity of 2 m/sec downward. Initially the air resistance is given by 10 v and the person free falls until he reaches a velocity of 30 m/sec and then opens a parachute that increases the air resistance to 30
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