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Fall 07: Quiz 2 Ch 4-6 20points Name If you do not want your graded quiz placed in the box outside my office, then please check here (1-10) are True or False. 1) The mirror image of a chiral molecule is nonsuperimposable upon the original molecule. 2) Thermodynamics is related to energy changes which is related to the position of equilibrium (K) for a particular chemical reaction. 3) A mixture containing equal amounts of R and S enantiomers is called a cimecar mixture . 4) A favorable entropy change results from an increase in disorder. 5) The lower the bond dissociation energy of a bond, the easier it is to break. 6) The initiation step of a free radical chain process involves the creation of reactive radical species. 7) The E2 reaction gives products of substitution with 100% inversion of stereochemistry. 8) This molecule has four chiral centers. CHO OH H OH H OH H OH H CH 2 OH 9) S N 1 reactions always proceed with total retention of stereochemistry. 10) Gibbs free energy change,
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