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NAME 00/00/00 History 110 Section: 000 The Crowing of a King Telephone - the game where an individual tells a story to someone else, who retells the story to the next person in line, and so forth until the last person is reached. Whether it was on the playground during school recess or on the phone gossiping about the neighbors, we have all had our share at playing the game. From our experience, we know that more often than not, the story becomes streamlined and dramatized to the point where the final product is a fabrication with tiny fragments of the truth. Unfortunately, the game of telephone has plagued more than just playground tales and neighborhood rumors, it has also tampered with history. Consider one of the most famous figures in Ancient History, Julius Caesar, and the tale of a diadem. During a popular festival in Rome, Caesar was offered a diadem, but supposedly refused the honor upon a nervous applause from the onlookers. Was this simple action really Caesar’s failed plan to test his popularity? Or was the action a legitimate offering to a great ruler? Does this story foreshadow his assassination? In this massive game of telephone that spans over two millennia, we are left with very few pieces to reconstruct an accurate perspective of the event. However, with the evidence at hand, it appears as though Caesar was using the diadem incident as a test of his own popularity – a confirmation of his suspicions about the increasing resistance within the Roman people. Before we can get to the story of the diadem, we must first look at a few facts which provide
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Caesar Essay - NAME 00/00/00 History 110 Section: 000 The...

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