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January 8 - January 8 2009 Westward Expansion 1865-1900s I...

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January 8, 2009 Westward Expansion 1865-1900s I. Indian wars a. Sand Creek 1864 b. Little Bighorn 1876 II. Reform and Dawes Act of 1887 III. Entertainment and westward expansion: buffalo Bill’s Wild West Overall themes after civil war: I. Industrialism a. West had railroads and barbed wire available b. 1860 transcontinental railroad first arrived c. more profitable for entrepaneur to go to west and market cattle quickly. d. U.S. army can also travel easier and fight the Indians e. Barbed wire also allow marking territory f. Because of barbed wire and railroads, U.S. can now move westward (white Americans) g. This is taking place in 19 th century along with Europe and japan. i. all are going out and conquering indigenous people ii. European take over parts of Africa and Asia “scramble for Afric a” iii. Makes them decide they need to secure resources and raw materials. iv. All the European countries scrambling h. U.S. is the only one not branching out to “scramble” yet i. Too busy with their own project: conquering the west ii. Then in 1890 they start to also go overseas. iii. After civil war, have the ability to form an army, and a government that can afford them.
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January 8 - January 8 2009 Westward Expansion 1865-1900s I...

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