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Econ 398 Homework 1 Due Jan 23, 2009 1. For the following game involving Olaf and Phil, list each player’s available strategies. Find the rollback equilibria. 2. Michigan and OSU are playing a football game, and it is early in the first half. Michigan is on offense, and can either choose to run or pass. OSU is playing defense, and can play run defense, pass defense, or blitz. The game is sequential, so Michigan chooses first, then OSU,
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Unformatted text preview: and finally, if and only if OSU chooses to blitz, Michigan can either stay with their chosen offense, or switch from run to pass, or from pass to run. Draw out the game tree for this game and list out the strategies that each team has. 3. Dixit and Skeath, Chapter 3, Problem 8. Don’t use the “pruning process” to indicate rollback equilibria, but, rather, use the “highlighting method”. 4. Dixit and Skeath, Chapter 3, Problem 9....
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