February 10 part2

February 10 part2 - i Civilian Conservation Corps 1 Paid 30...

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i. Civilian Conservation Corps 1. Paid 30 bucks a week 2. Worked in parks 3. Purpose was to give jobs who cant find one in private sectors 4. Since it pays so little, people will never turn down a private job when offered 5. Pays enough to survive though ii. Tennessee Valley Authority 1. Tennessee river have flooding problems 2. Government project to build a lot of dams 3. Also for electricity iii. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) 1933 1. Spend more attention on farmers since there are a lot of them. 2. In the countryside, outright rebellion have been going on 3. Income have been going down 4. A lot of farmers being forced off their farms 5. Theyre not earning enough to afford their farm! 6. Withhold their produce from the market 7. Also cases of farmers who threatened judges who was foreclosing 8. Roosevelt knew farm needed to be fixed after banks and cities 9. Philosophy behind it was: a. Too much supply for the nation b. Too much food, too much cotton c. Reducing the supply will make it better! 10. Agreed to certain farmers of certain commodities (wheat, cotton, rice, tobacco…) 11. Those had an opportunity enter a contract with the government to reduce the products produced 12. In return: government gave them a check 13. This is boost farm income! 14. First: government check 15. Plus: supply and demand, less supply, so prices will go up. 16. Philosophy is same today
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February 10 part2 - i Civilian Conservation Corps 1 Paid 30...

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