February 17

February 17 - I II Many Soviets died The British and...

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February 17, 2009 I. Many Soviets died! II. The British and Americans made a request for the second front a. But very reluctant to start second front, esp. since it would be bloody b. What Churchill wanted was to bomb them and at the same time attack vulnerable areas of germany i. Such North Africa ii. And then invade secile iii. Attack through “soft under belly” iv. Americans and British landed in North Africa III. In attempt to attack italy a. British and American have discussions about the government b. Germany occupied italy rather than be an ally. c. Italian campaign might have been a mistake d. Started to push the germans back, then stopped requesting second front e. It was clear Stalin that he can now take over eastern Europe f. Americans were taking too much time with germany, Soviets start coming in! g. Soviets wanted to control eastern Europe and make a buffer zone IV. D-DAY a. Massive invasion of France by American and British b. Landed in beaches of Normandie c. Some have opposition, while others don’t d. On same day, Americans also invaded southern france where there were no oppositions e. Pushed germans back, but in Battle of the Bulge they counterattacked f. But still British were better g. May 1945 War is over with suicide of Hitler V. U.S. is also fighting in the Pacific against Japan a. December 1941 pearl harbor! i.
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February 17 - I II Many Soviets died The British and...

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