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February 24 part 2

February 24 part 2 - iv Doesn’t mean the discrimination...

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a. King found it difficult also b. He was jailed! c. He wrote a letter in jail i. response to whites who say he was “Wanting change too fast” d. he said he refused to “Wait” e. when he was out of jail, he came up with new strategies f. since adults are being jailed, he started “Children crusade” i. police dogs and fire hoses were used to go against them II. Children’s Crusade a. People were shocked of these images! b. They were children c. New president: Kennedy d. He was finally convinced and persuaded that a federal law was needed asap e. Marches and protests came at terrible price f. Medger Evers i. Leader organization ii. Was murdered in 1963 g. Kennedy drafted Civil Rights act of 1964 i. Made it illegal to hire someone due to race ii. Access to public accommodation iii. Cant say “whites only” to anything
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Doesn’t mean the discrimination ended v. There are more subtle ways vi. But still was an important step forward vii. Very important and its what they’ve been fighting for! A federal right viii. Still had another goal: voting rights h. Mississippi freedom summer 1964 i. White, black of all races went there and organized protest for lack of voting rights ii. Also faced violence from white supremacists iii. 3 people were murdered but it continued iv. President Lyndon Johnson decided that the nation needed voting rights act! v. 1965: Voting Rights act passed! vi. Federalized voting process vii. Federal governments are using authority to give such rights III. achieved first and second goal of Civil Rights a....
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