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February 17 part 2

February 17 part 2 - v 1954 Doolittle Committee Report 1...

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i. Also support psychological warfares ii. Also draw the line in overthrowing government and assassinations iii. But the ext president does not feel that way! b. Dwight Eisenhower i. “CIA should overthrow government that seem threatening” ii. one of such was Iran and Mohammad Mossadegh 1953 1. wanted to nationalize oil field 2. it was controlled by britains at the time 3. so British aprocahed CIA and said he wants to take us over! 4. Truman said no, “he’s democratically elected! We cant do anything” 5. But Eisenhower sees different 6. Organize riots and such that led to his overthrow and bring in Shah of Iran 7. People were bitter about this iii. Guatamela 1954 1. Elected president Jacobo Arbenz wanted to nationalize land 2. American company owned large portion! 3. He said he was gonna nationalize and give away to guatamelan peasants 4. He said he was compensate part of the fruit interest 5. CIA thought he was a threat 6. Also arranged and overthrown by Tomas Castillo Armas 7. Pro-american government! iv. Eisenhower was following the advice of committee
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Unformatted text preview: v. 1954 Doolittle Committee Report 1. headed by General Doolittle 2. president wanted them to report to him how to use the CIA and fight the cold war secretly 3. and their response to his question is the report 4. “there shall be no restraints, use what the enemies use against us!” 5. no more fair play like Truman wanted c. Cuba i. In 1950 was ruled by dictator Batista but was overthrown by Fidel Castro ii. He was a real communist! iii. Openly allied iv. Thought he would be protected by “inevitable invasion” by U.S. v. Started to arranged murder plans vi. Deadly fungus vii. Poisons viii. Exploding seashell ix. None of the castro plots worked! x. All of them involved the mafia xi. Made contracts with the Mafia to use their hitmen! xii. Plan many different plots xiii. Revealed in 1945 1. Very big deal in U.S. when revealed! 2. But still many believed “do whatevers necessary!”...
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February 17 part 2 - v 1954 Doolittle Committee Report 1...

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