February 26

February 26 - Korean war Vietnam war I Japan had to give up...

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February 26, 2009 Korean war, Vietnam war I. Japan had to give up all its companies to the winners of the war a. Such were China, and Korea! b. So what to do with these new territories? c. Victorious powers divided Korea to Soviet and U.S. d. Didn’t give much thought to Korea e. Decided soviets will have North and U.S. will have South f. It was supposed to be temporary separation II. Syngman Rhee was leader of South Korea a. Was hero during war, anti-communist and pro-american b. Kim Il sung was under North Korea c. In South Korea by 1940s, Sygman Rhee was becoming an embarrassment d. Kept holding elections because he was afraid he would lose e. But America was trying to promote democracy! f. Forced to have democratic election g. June of 1950: election happened and Sygman was voted off. h. So what to do! i. Kim Il Sung takes advantage of this situation ii. Gave him the yellow light he can take over iii. June 1950 invaded South Korea III. Truman: what to do? a. This is a communist country invading a non-communist country! b. So he sent troops to help south push North out c. He was first president to start war on his will alone i. Presidential war? ii. So power is growing for federal power! iii. Didn’t have to ask congress iv. Truman thought it was take too long and too divisive v. North Korea is a “police action,” not a war! vi.
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February 26 - Korean war Vietnam war I Japan had to give up...

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