Week 1 - building customer loyalty In what ways do they...

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Customer Expectations and Customer Service DeVry University, BUSN258 Michael Trujillo Professor Andrew Crane 19:29:07
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Customer Expectations 2 Reviewing the Facts 7. How do ripple effects escalate the problem of the lost customer? When a customer feels that he or she has received bad customer service they start bad talking about the experience with anyone they can. This can cause a ripple effect that can damage a company’s revenue. To some people losing one customer doesn’t seem too bad but as shown in the text book it can turn to many lost customers. The one customer will tell eleven people, those eleven people will go out and tell five people it adds up to sixty seven people. So you see when one person receives bad service you don’t lose get him or her you lose sixty six other people and in the end that is less money in your pocket. Applying the Ideas 4. What major corporations that you’ve heard of seem to be doing the best job of
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Unformatted text preview: building customer loyalty? In what ways do they attempt to build long-term relationships with customer? Publix is a major Supermarket in the southeast. Publix has been doing great with customer loyalty. Over the years they have built great relationships with their customers. To build long-term relationships with it customers, Publix had to start by hiring the right people and training them. In the last few years Publix has gone from training their employees one a year in how to treat customers to every quarter. They also have been trying to bring down there prices. With those two attempts they have been building customer loyalty for long-term. That is the reason why my Father works there and why my family only shops at Publix. Customer Expectations 3 Works Cited Chapter 1: question 7, page 18(Reviewing the Facts section) Chapter 1: question 4, page 19(Applying the Ideas section)...
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Week 1 - building customer loyalty In what ways do they...

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