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1. Describe the meal Ruby and Ada prepare for the Tennessee travelers and explain what is surprising about their ability to provide such a meal. 2. How does Ruby decide when to plant corn, chop wood, or kill a hog? How does Ada feel about this approach to farming? 3. Explain who Blount was, what his views were on his role in the Civil War, and where and how he died. 4. What is Ruby’s explanation for why the sumac trees turn red long in advance of the rest of the trees? . 5. Explain how Inman obtains a lunch from the women who were washing their laundry in the river. What does that say about his nature? 6. Who was it that met up with Inman on the trek to Salisbury, in what condition was the man, and how did he get that way? 7. What did Inman and his companion find to eat at the abandoned home and how did they go about getting it? 8. Describe how the two men catch the catfish, about how big was it, and what they found in its stomach? 9. Who is Big Tildy, who is
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