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Larry Hipp Writ 101 Final Essay The selection from In My Father’s House written by Kwame Anthony Appiah questions if the word race should be used to describe different ethnic groups of people. This selection states that even though people look different because of their skin color, hair color, facial features or a person’s body build, genetically all people are similar. Appiah feels that race is something that winds up separating and classifying people. He wants the reader to realize that genetics are the true tests of how closely related people really are, not their race. Reading this piece has made me realize how much power a word can have. The word race has been used to classify people for many years. Unfortunately it has also become a word that has divided and come between people from different cultures. I feel Appiah could help put an end to the word race by showing people how similar they are rather then how different they are. I agree with Appiah when he tells us that underneath it all we are all basically the same. We are all human beings. We may be from different countries and have different cultures but biologically we are quite similar. Appiah had some very interesting things to say in this writing. I would like to share my thoughts about a few of them. The first quote that I found interesting is Kwame Anthony Appiah reinforcing his feelings that we are all human beings. “Some of our similarities as human beings in these broadly cultural respects – the capacity to acquire human languages, for example, or the
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ability to smile – are to a significant degree biologically determined…But if biological differences between human beings is unimportant in these explanations – and it is – then racial difference, as a species of biological difference, will not matter either.” (Page 473) The point that Appiah is making with this quote is that we my have different skin colors and our families may have come from different countries but we are all the same. We all learn to walk, we all learn how to smile, and we all acquire language. I agree with
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Writ 101- Final essay - Larry Hipp Writ 101 Final Essay The...

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