March 3 - March 3 2008 Qualitative compared to quantitative...

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March 3, 2008 Qualitative compared to quantitative data analysis Qualitative Quantitative Focus on meanings Focus on quantifying social phenomena Collection of many data on a few cases Collection of few data on many cases Study in-depth and in detail, without predetermined categories or directions Analysis and categories of data are determined in advance Researcher is understood and an “instrument” him/herself Researcher designs instruments to measure particular variables Conclusions reflect sensitivity to context of social situation being studied Conclusions aimed toward drawing universal generalization drawn from data Attention to impact of researcher’s and other’s values on course of analysis Presumes possibility of value-free inquiry Goal is rich descriptions of the social world Goal is measurement of specific variables Techniques of qualitative data o Documentation of the data and the process of data collection o Organization/categorization of the data into concepts o Connection of the data to show how one concept may influence another o Corroboration/legitimization, by evaluating alternative explanations and disconforming evidence and searching for negative cases o Representing the account (reporting the findings) Documentation o The data for a qualitative study most often are notes jotted down in the field or during an interview – from which the original comments, observations, and feelings are reconstructed – or text transcribed from audiotapes o These are the field notes or interview transcripts, usually Conceptualization, coding, and categorizing o This is when we read through the data and look for patterns and categories
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March 3 - March 3 2008 Qualitative compared to quantitative...

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