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Barbara McClintock and Transposable Elements, outline - Lecture 12 2007 Barbara McClintock and Transposable Elements [Reading: SS 361-362, 524-535, 543-545; CR 351-352, 375-376] Discoveries leading to the conclusion that certain DNA elements move McClintock found that: Transposable elements (transposons) are mobile genetic elements (DNA) present at numerous chromosomal locations in diverse maize populations Transposable elements can move to different chromosomal locations The universal nature, occurrence, and consequences of transposons and related elements The nature of transposable elements: transposons and retrotransposons Transposons are associated with induced mutations which are reversible Most other mutations (point mutations, chromosome mutations) are never or very rarely reversible Transposons cut DNA and insert into chromosomes, and at some later time can move again, hence transposon-induced mutations are reversible
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