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Feb 15, 2008 It is often said prisons are criminogenic – meaning they create more criminal tendencies rather than rehabilitate. Prison sometimes turns nonviolent/non-felonious criminals into violent/felonious ones 5 big questions: o Why do we punish? o Whom do we punish? o What do we punish? o How do we punish? o How much do we punish them? What is the effect of the fear inducing place? Prisons are supposed to deter criminals (induce fear of prisons to deter committing crimes). A second reason of prisons is to incapacitate criminals. o Prisons are supposed to cure criminals. o Prisons are an American invention (old prisons were used to torture or to hold to await trial). o Most of the CJ system is copied from England. o Prior to late 1700s, criminal punishment was swift, brutal, and to the point. o In 11 and 1200s, European countries started to rely on banishment. o For most part punishments were wiping, lashing, cutting of things, etc. o In 14 and 1500s, European countries introduced more jails to hold more people,
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Unformatted text preview: these places deteriorated beyond repair. Held generally minor offenders. o In 15, 16, 1700s relied heavily on death penalty. England had over 200 things that were punishable by death penalty (usually only beggars and lower class). o In 1602 criminals in England were put in Galley slavery, in ships. o Soon after ships moved by sail power, England started sending people to other places. o Beginning in 1612, England would ships criminals to the American colonies. Inmates that made it here, became indentured servants to colonist for a set number of years and then set free. After American revolution England began sending people to Australia. o After revolution, Quakers in Philly started a new type of prison. Could then be released by dying or by convincing jailors that you had talked with God and been turned. o Eastern Penn prison in Philly became most wanted to see prison in world....
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