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Feb 29 - Corporal punishment o Punishment(defined general...

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Feb 29, 2008 Corporal punishment o Punishment (defined) – general sense; the deliberate infliction of suffering; key word is deliberate or intentional o Often suffer tremendously at the hands of those who try to do good for us o Talking about punishment imposed by government o Criminal punishment (defined) – the deliberate infliction of suffering by the government on those convicted of criminal offenses; state punishment o Punishment is intentional; no such thing as accidental o Corporal punishment – 2 types o Corporal punishment carried out by (schools) – o Corporal punishment inflicted by the government (criminal) – deliberate infliction of physical pain and and/or bodily harm without necessarily causing death o Torture – violates 8 th amendment; punishment of a person just to hear them cry o Usually by private parties o Carried out by governments – to get information o Whipping act of 1530 – specifically authorized the whipping of the most minor offenders o Pick-pockets, adulterers, etc.
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