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April 7, 2008 Prisons o More and more older people are committing crimes o Many of them have been in prison and are paroled This is one reason, they spent important, informative years behind bars If they hadn’t been imprisoned, assault, etc… maybe they wouldn’t have turned to crime o Also long prison sentences Hundreds of thousands of people would not be there had they not been born here 3 strikes, mandatory sentencing laws, etc. are putting people in prison for longer o What do prison admin do with these people? o They are more expensive because are less healthy Cardiac problems, prostate problems, contract diseases easier Require special treatment, protection Generally are left alone but others are constantly the object of abuse
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Unformatted text preview: o Should they get special units??? Special prisons??? Stats about jails o Largest jails in the country The Los Angeles county jail system On June 30, 2006 housed 19,062 inmates o Second largest New York City On June 30, 2006 housed 13,641 inmates o 3 rd largest Cook county Illinois On June 30, 2006 housed 9,505 inmates o 4th largest Maricopa County, Arizona; aka: Tent city On June 30, 3006 housed 9,464 inmates o 5 th largest Harris county Texas, Galveston On June 30, 2006 housed 9,243 inmates The LA county and NYC jail systems have among the lowest numbers in the country - FALSE...
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