April 28 - Reading for Friday Haas Chp 13 Total State...

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April 28, 2008 Reading for Friday: Haas - Chp 13 1980 – 329,821 1985 – 502,507 1990 – 773,919 1995 – 1,126, 293 2000 – 1,381, 892 2006 – 1,570, 861 In nearly a quarter of a century, the number of prisoners in the US has quadrupled since 1980 – True. 8 th Amendment Cases: Coker v. Virginia (1977) o Invaded home, raped wife, tied up husband, took car and wife; didn’t kill anyone o Does 8 th amendment permit death penalty to be imposed for someone who doesn’t kill but only rapes? o 8 th amendment DOES PROHIBIT death penalty for someone who only rapes and not kills o Looking at state laws around country, only one state has death penalty for a rapist who does not kill, such convictions and sentencing is rare, prosecutors usually don’t get it o Death is different, when someone is put to death they can’t come back; Rummel v. Estelle (1980) o Court upheld a life sentence for an offender imprisoned for three non-violent felonies o Rhenquist said if he is a model prisoners he could get out in as little as 12 years o Weems v. US doesn’t apply because Weems used imprisonment PLUS other punishments
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April 28 - Reading for Friday Haas Chp 13 Total State...

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