May 14 - o In more rural areas village elders often run the...

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May 14, 2008 Hassine – chp 14 (interview with prisoner; surviving the hole, hole doesn’t work that well), 15 (guy managed to be prison guard then got in trouble and became prisoners, didn’t make enemies as guard so survived as prisoner), 21 ( prison rape, describes and says staff don’t care, repeats that staff think inmates should pay for crimes), 22 (read first, inmates and officers, more about snitches) Death Penalty o Iran o Hanging is the main method of execution
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Unformatted text preview: o In more rural areas, village elders often run the judicial system and use stoning Rehabilitation and treatment o Martinson study and its aftermath o Scared straight (aka juvenile awareness) o James Finckenauur 46 – SS - 41% arrest rate 35 – x – 11% arrested o Sidney Langer 66 – SS - 47% “improved” 65 – x – 25% “improved” San Quentin “squires” program – beginning of scared straight o Hawaii stay straight program o...
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