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NUTRITION EXAM 3 ALCOHOL - Alcohol destroys cells o Lipid solvents destroy lipids in cell membranes alcohol penetrates cells cell structures destroyed o H+ ions accumulate pH changes, slows TCA cycle Acetyl CoA accumulates converted to fatty acids o Fat builds up in liver causes cells to die form scar tissue - 1.5oz. liquor (1 shot) = 5oz. wine = 12oz. beer = 10oz. wine cooler ANTIOXIDANTS - Free Radical Formation: Chain Reaction o Molecules w/ 1 or more unpaired electron (unstable) o Free radical steals electron from another molecule to make it stable next molecule searches for an electron after it loses one chain reaction - Anti-oxidants: stop the chain reaction of free radical formation o Donate an electron to free radicals without becoming unstable (chain reaction stops) Stimulates antioxidant activity, oxidative damage repaired (by enzymes) - Selenium o Found in soil- plants o Assoc. with glutathione peroxidase (enzyme) o Deficiency predisposes Keshan disease Enlarged heart, fibrous tissue replaces normal heart muscle - Vitamin C o Sources Red pepper, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, oranges o Collagen Formation Iron used to hydrolyze lysine and proline- forms collagen structure Forms a matrix of bones and teeth Scar tissue, cell ‘glue’
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o Need increases in areas of stress (burns, infections, etc.) Smokers/women on birth control/frequent asprin users should also consume higher doses Immune response = ‘oxidative burst’ to destroy
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