Acsh and Milgram plan

Acsh and Milgram plan - Conor Gorgorian 2/26/09 WRT.105...

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Conor Gorgorian 2/26/09 WRT.105 Professor Shamoon In reviewing both the Asch and Milgram experiments I have noticed that the purpose of the experiments were to explain to adolescents about the effects of society can have on an individual so that they can better understand how to be independent. I feel that the most important areas of the experiment that point this out would be: To become your own person. In the Asch experiments he took numerous amounts of people and made groups of 10 with them. In that group everyone but one was instructed to give the wrong answer to a specific length of line to try to throw off the one person who is answering correctly, and to ultimately get him to change his answer to the wrong one just because of group majority. In the Milgram experiment instead of working on a group focusing on peer pressure he had a direct one on one with the subjects and had a higher authority give orders to shock another person when answering a question wrong. The point that was being tested in this experiment was would the command of a higher authority get you to change your conscience feeling on another human beings well being, or will
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Acsh and Milgram plan - Conor Gorgorian 2/26/09 WRT.105...

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