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CPE 129 Homework 10 Solution W. Pilkington 1) Analyze the following circuit that uses a MUX to implement a Boolean Logic Function. Determine the function F(W,X,Y,Z) = ? . (a) This is a “Type 0” MUX Design (no compression of the Truth Table). All of the “bubbles” on the MUX output merely signify that the MUX itself has an “Active Low” output (inverts the input before sending it out); but this output is connected to an external inverter that restores the output to the normal “active high” logic sense. Therefore, “F” is a plain-vanilla, ordinary, everyday, active-high Boolean logic function. For a Compact Minterm Form, just gather up the input channel numbers that have “1’s” (Vcc) connected to them. Each MUX input represents a Truth Table
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