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Name: CPE 129 Spring 2005 Exam 1 Open book and notes, no calculator. Show your work and state any assumptions you make for full credit. Point value of problems is listed after problem number (100 pts). Please read the problems carefully . Have a nice day. 1. (10) Convert 288.47 10 to binary using Repeated Radix Division (RRD) and Repeated Radix Multiplication (RRM). Use at least four bits to represent the fractional portion of the number. Leave your answer in equation form. 2. (10) Which of the two following positive numbers has a larger magnitude? Show your work for full credit. 25AA.9 16 divided by 16 112.64 8 multiplied by 8 3. (5) Convert the following number to its decimal equivalent. You only need to set the problem up (provide an equation to that will yield the correct answer). DON’T DO THE MATH. EAD.B8 16
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