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Name: CPE 129 Spring 2007 Quiz #1 Closed book; closed notes; no calculators. For maximum credit, show all your work . There are 25 points possible. 1. (3) Convert 10110.1 2 (unsigned binary) to decimal. Provide an equation that describes the solution: don’t do the math! 2. (7) Indicate which, if any, of the following unsigned numbers are equivalent? 100001101111 2 4357 8 16F 16 3. (7) Show which of the following two signed binary numbers has a greater magnitude. (SM = sign magnitude, DRC =
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Unformatted text preview: diminished radix complement) a) C9 16 (RC) b) CB 16 (DRC) 4. (8) The following numbers are hexadecimal representations of signed binary numbers. Multiply each of these numbers by -1; leave your answers in hexadecimal. (SM = sign magnitude, DRC = diminished radix complement, RC = radix complement) a) 97 16 (SM) b) 2F 16 (DRC) c) 8E 16 (RC)...
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